Decorations By Season

Decorations By Season At Pony Chalet

To make your stay even more enjoyable, Pony Chalet is decorated by the various seasons including fall, Christmas, winter, Valentine’s Day, spring and summer!

Guest Gift Basket
To make your stay more pleasant, we welcome all our guests with a gift basket that contains items like sparkling cider, tortilla chips, salsa, spaghetti pasta, spaghetti sauce, chocolate chip cookie mix….plus a box candy for the kids!

Halloween Decorations At Pony Chalet


Thanksgiving Decorations At Pony Chalet

Christmas Decorations At Pony Chalet


Spring Decorations At Pony Chalet

Spring Decorations At Pony Chalet – March, April, May, June

Summer – July Decorations At Pony Chalet   

Master Bedroom – 2nd Floor

Loft Area on 2nd Floor
Native American Indian theme, stocked with games, game table, office area and printer, fax/scanner.

“Back to Nature” Bedroom Fall Decor

The”Back to Nature” bedroom with queen size bed has decor that changes by season. It has a fall theme for September, October and November, a Christmas theme for December and January, then Valentine’s theme for February. March through August there are spring and summer colors and decorations for this lovely room.  This makes for a charming and cozy “Bed and Breakfast” type of mood, for each time year.

Summer Decor In This Queen Bedroom

Bonus Room Decorations At Pony Chalet
Extra living room area, twin bed, queen blow up mattress and twin rollaway bed plus game area that is 400 square feet, off the garage.