Daily Rental Prices

Pony Chalet Daily Rental Prices

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Discounts: Get a 10% discount for 7 days or more and a 20% discount for a 30 day rental. Pricing is based on a nightly rate and depends on the week and the season of the year. Pricing is subject to change without notice.

Minimum Rental Period: There is a 3 night minimum stay required.

Cleaning Fee: A $150 cleaning fee is required per stay and paid by the guests.

Lodging Tax: A lodging tax is calculated and charged based on the total rental for all rentals.

Permit: 023056 (through 07/24/2021)

Renter’s Insurance: A short term renter’s insurance policy paid through Evolve at $14.50 per day covering possible damage and repair is charged for all rentals.

Rental Prices: See pricing by date and book Pony Chalet here at Evolve Vacation Rentals at: https://evolvevacationrental.com/423692?sleeps