Pony Chalet Videos

This is a Pony Chalet video from winter 2021.  This video is provided so guests can get a feel for the peaceful and beautiful area of Pagosa Springs during the wintertime.  Additional videos are provided of the interior of the property and the Pagosa area as well.

Pony Chalet Video – Winter 2021
(2:02 minutes)


Below is a longer video of the interior of Pony Chalet taken in October 2018. This video shows the entire property inside and tours through all the rooms as well as and grounds. This is so  guests can get a better feel for the setting, room dimensions and furnishing.  The video shows some areas of Pagosa Spring as well. Note: Some decorations and furniture have been upgraded, improved and changed since this video was made.

Pony Chalet Property Video
(10:26 minutes)

Summer In Pagosa Springs, CO
(1:43 minutes)

Video About Pagosa Springs, CO
(4:32 minutes)

 Arial View of Pagosa Springs
(3:24 minutes)